How to deal when your friends have busy schedules


The group chat convos have gone from spontaneous Dunkin runs to arguments about everyone's availability. When friends constantly turn down invites because of their busy schedules, it's super easy to take those rejections personally. You might jump to conclusions and convince yourself that your friends don't care about you anymore—or that they're making excuses to avoid hanging out. 

Acknowledge this thinking trap, then move past it. The first step? Have a heart-to-heart convo with your friends about how you miss spending time with them. You won't appear clingy, and letting your friends know how much you love them and the time you spend together will *totally* make their day.

Your friends have lives outside your friendship—work shifts, family stuff, college visits—and it's reasonable for them to have to turn down invitations when life gets hectic. When your squad has busy schedules, big group gatherings fall apart and hangouts become less frequent—and, you can feel really, really alone. We feel you, babe. Just remember that there's no shame in missing your besties. Your next move? Owning these feelings and getting started working around scheduling roadblocks. Here are a few tips on how you can get your social life in check when your friends' schedules are jammed-packed and you need some quality BFF time.

Plan in ~advance~


Whip out your Google Cals, because planning your next boba run in advance (we're talking two weeks to a month beforehand) is a simple fix to finding a time that works for everyone. This gives your besties the opportunity to take off work and enough time to figure out transportation to and from the get-together. We love spontaneity as much as the next girl...but we're willing to sacrifice a sudden Ulta trip for a morning at the farmer's market in the not-too-distant future. Waiting for those hangouts will be painful (we get it), but this is the most efficient way to get the group together when life gets crazy.

Keep it small 


Everyone knows that big group hangouts are a hassle to coordinate. Between picking a date and time for a group of six, there's always someone who can't make it—and hanging out without them just feels wrong. If you find yourself in a constant spiral of never-happening hangouts, try keeping it small with just a friend or two. We understand that one-on-one might not compare to the energy of a full-squad reunion, but sooner or later you'll all be in the same place at the same time.

Host some me-parties!


Dealing with busy friends and managing a social life takes a large toll on mental health. We feel you when friends leave you high and dry on a Saturday afternoon, but we also encourage you to make the most of your time instead of sitting alone, pondering all the what-ifs in the friendship. So, when all else fails, have some fun by yourself. Take your dog to a new park, start crocheting a cute crop top for the summer or try out a new recipe (bonus points if you follow a GL recipe!). Whether your afternoon is spent reading that book collecting dust on your coffee table or perfecting your latte art, you'll be feeling a gazillion times better after some well-deserved you time.

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by Cara Lamina | 6/2/2022