5 things to do with your friends on a socially distanced Friday night

With movie theaters closed and huge parties no longer a possibility due to the coronavirus pandemic, it's *so* important to find fun ways to spend a Friday night with your besties. Whether you're looking to bond over Zoom and FaceTime calls without playing Truth or Dare for the *thousandth* time or trying to flex your DIY skills (and come away with some trendy summer fashion), we've got the tips for you. Keep reading for 5 fun ways to spend a socially distanced Friday night with your besties—send your fave to your BFF and get planning!

1. Bleach Painting


no one told me this takes artistic talent😭😭 ##foryou ##rip ##bleach ##bleachingclothes ##original ##artistictalent ##artist ##artisticability ##bleachshirt

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Grab your bestie, some black T-shirts, diluted bleach and a paintbrush—and get painting! Make cute designs on the shirts using the bleach and watch your work come to life right in front of you. 

2. Psyche

If you're looking for a night full of laughter, look no further. This game is an app on your phone that all players are required to download. Once you start, the screen displays a question about a player and each person will creatively and goofily answer it. Then everyone votes on the anonymous answers, and gains points for each vote. This game makes for a hilariously fun night—whether you're on Zoom or hanging six feet apart.

3. Candy Photoshoot


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Sick of the same old photos? Revamp your insta feed with a candy photoshoot. Have each friend wear an adorbs outfit inspired by a type of candy, from Swedish Fish to M&Ms. Get your candy of choice and its corresponding color bedsheet for the background and get posing!

4. Tie-Dye Scrunchies

I have a feeling this is gonna turn out super cool😱 Come back in 24-hours💞 ##tyedye ##foryou ##trend

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Nothing brings a group closer together than matching, and nothing is cute than tie-dye scrunchies (after all, tie-dye *is* the trendiest print of summer 2020). You can learn how to make the scrunchies here or simply buy white scrunchies and dye them yourself. You can also use this video as inspo on how you'd like to dye your scrunchies.

5. Sunset Painting


we tried our best but honestly just go paint with your friends it’s fun i promise :) @lenziemitch

♬ Looking Out for You - Joy Again

Prepare for a peaceful and gorg evening with the girls as you take sunset watching to the next level. Get out your prettiest paints, some canvases/paper and paintbrushes and have everyone recreate the beauty before them. Make sure to post a pic of your work and tag @girlslifemag

How do you spend a Friday night with your BFFs? Let us know on Twitter @girlslifemag!


by Gabrielle Pine | 7/25/2020