10 ways to celebrate International Friendship Day

Alright giirls, International Friendship Day is fast appraoching on July 30. Originally created by the United Nations in 2011, this day is all about creating connection between different types of people. There is no better time than this pandemic to foster your friendships, and luckily Friendship Day is here just when you need it. Read on for social distancing-friendly ways to celebrate your squad!

1. Send a "newsletter" to your pals.

Instead of those daily "what's up?" texts, move your check-ins to the weekly with a newletter. Sports, art, work, and food can each have their own column in your email. Your friends will feel like they're there! And, at the end of quarantine, you'll have a library of publications documenting your pandemic pastimes.

2. Have a party... a Netflix Party.

Besties + Netflix = perfection. Pick a romcom for the night and curl up in the comments!

3. Meet everyone favorite dinosaur: Drawasaurus.

It's Zoom meets Pictionary — Drawasaurus. Invite your friends to join the game with a room code, and everyone can draw on their screen! You can play as many rounds as you want, making this a 20 minute hang-sesh or an evening affair.

4. Plan the big group trip.

You know that big vaca you and your besties are all totally gonna take one day? Start planning now! No, you can't travel, but yes, you can think about it! Dream on so that when the travel day comes, you can jet set!

5. Make your own Bake-Off.

Pick a dessert to make, and challenge your bestie over FaceTime to do the same. A third pal can serve as the judge of this *friendly* competition.

6. Vlog a day in your life.

Showcase your International Friendship Day via video! As the real-life influencers you are, walk each other through a typical day. It'll almost feel like we're there!

Image: Anna McNulty via YouTube

7. Start a book club.

It's a very cool thing to be a smart girl! Book club is one of the best ways to feel your friends with you even when you're *distant*. Pick a book each month and make mental notes about what Taylor or Nia would think about it for the weekend!


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9. Write some snail mail.

All love letters are best handwritten. Tell your friends how much you love them, and seal it with a kiss!

10. Zoom on.

Ah, the great unifier: Zoom. Can't fit over FaceTime? Get the whole gang together for a good ole video chat with your 49 closest friends.

by Maggie Chipman | 7/28/2020