The cool and confident girls you *need* in your life

Searching for a new member of your girl squad or just want another bestie to text? Look no further. We're showing you the cool and confident friends you need by your side—and giving you insider tips on where to find them. 

From the quiet girl on your tennis team to the hilarious new member of Drama Club, learn the tricks to spot a potential new friend...and gain the courage to make a connection.

Honest Hailey

Spot her: Sitting at your lunch table, telling it like it is.

Why you heart her: With her around, you know someone can always tell you the truth (Is there spinach in my teeth? Does my crush like someone else?)—but something about her total honesty makes bad news feel like, well, not-so-bad news.

Trendsetter Taylor

Spot her: Snapping adorable pics for your school yearbook—plus a bonus fashion shoot for Insta. You're constantly asking her where she got her outfit, because she manages to turn her thrifted pieces into runway-worthy styles.

Why you heart her: Besides her *amazing* style (and closet), she encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Kind Kayla

Spot her: Offering to tutor that kid in your English class who was *clearly* struggling over yesterday's vocab quiz. Then, she's spending time with the new girl at school who hasn't found her place yet. 

Why you heart her: She's kind to everyone, so you never worry that she's going to gossip or start drama. Plus, her actions are rubbing off on you—you find yourself searching for ways to give back, too. 

Optimistic Olivia

Spot her: Cheering up that girl on your lacrosse team who missed the winning goal yesterday. She knows that, sometimes, it just takes a hug and some chocolate to make everything OK. 

Why you heart her: She helps you look on the bright side of any situation and always knows how to keep the positive vibes flowing. With her, you *know* you're bound to have a good time.

Motivated Madison 

Spot her: On the way to soccer practice—oh, BTW, she's memorizing her lines for the school play, cramming for algebra *and* applying for a summer internship on the bus ride over.

Why you heart her: She pushes you to take on your biggest and loftiest goals—with a work ethic like hers, any dream of yours feels possible. In turn, you help her relax and enjoy the moment. It's a dynamic duo *anyone* would be lucky to have.

Independent Izzy

Spot her: Taking that Drawing elective—even though the rest of your squad said Ceramics was *way* cooler. No worries, she can handle doing things solo.

Why you heart her: This girl knows how to do her own thing—even if it seems cringe or uncool at first. She pursues her own passions, blocks out the haters and knows to walk away from toxic relationships. She inspires you to listen to your heart and go for your goals, even when it means going against the crowd.

Passionate Pia

Spot her: Doodling sign ideas and organizing her next climate change protest. After all, chemistry HW can wait when this girl needs to save the planet, stat. 

Why you heart her: She educates you on topics you may not have known about—and helps give you the tools to get involved in making a change. Reach out to this friend when you need courage and inspiration as you change the world together.

What kind of friend would you add to your crew? Comment below!


by Katherine Hammer | 1/28/2020