These GIFs are *so* #relatable if you're "one of the guys"

Some of us ditch the squad scene and opt for a less common group of friends, like a group of obnoxious crazy boys. No matter what reason you have for only chilling with the guys, it’s totally okay. If your crew consists of the boys lacrosse team, here are some GIFs that you'll definitely relate to.

When you totally forget your manners and just pig out with the guys.

That annoyed look you get from other girls because you’re the only girl who's friends with the whole football team.

Getting so into their boy antics that you play in their fantasy football league and totally crush it!

Hanging out with guys and always being the target of flying objects.

You always have a backup date to a dance. There’s also zero pressure!

Having a crush on a guy and you ask your BGF for advice and he’s brutally honest.

Do you hangout with a bunch of guys? Can you relate? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest, GIFY.


by Bella Torres | 11/9/2017