How to handle homecoming dress drama with your besties


It's almost homecoming week so get ready for amazingly-fun days filled with pep rallies, football games and dances. With all the excitement going on, it's the perfect opportunity to relax and bond with your girlfriends. But, despite all the celebration, the week can easily turn into days of drama.

For many girls, finding a dress is one of the most stressful parts of homecoming. Though slipping into that perfect gown is magical, searching for the right one can be a chore. And, there's nothing worse than discovering *the* dress, only to realize one of your friends has already fallen for it. But, don't panic! GL has some tips for dealing with this #awk situation.

Go dress shopping as a group.
Not only does shopping with your besties make choosing a homecoming dress more fun, but it also helps you avoid accidentally buying the same gown in the first place. During homecoming week, many girls feel pressured to find the "best" dress. When this happens, dress shopping can turn into an all-out war of secrets and drama. Don't let it happen to you. You want to be able to look back on homecoming week with a smile, not a frown. 

Take a step back.
If you find out that your friend loves the same dress as you, stay calm. It can be extremely frustrating to learn that your bestie wants to buy your perfect dress. Try to relax, and think everything through. How badly do you love the dress? Realistically, how disappointed would you be if you had to wear something else? Would you be alright with wearing the same dress as your friend?

Talk it through, in person. 
Once you've processed everything, find a time when you and your friend can chat. (Using social media can make the problem worse because it's easy to misinterpret another person's tone or emotions.) Meeting in person helps to avoid misunderstandings. Explain your thoughts, and listen to your friend as she explains hers. Be receptive to your friend's comments. Sometimes, just having a face-to-face conversation can resolve the issue. 

Brainstorm solutions. 
If you realize that you both love the dress equally, try and come up with a few ways to fix the problem. Most likely, whoever purchased the dress first should be able to wear it. If you can't determine who bought the gown first, suggest that you both wear it. With different accessories, hair and makeup, a dress can look completely different on two people. If you are both determined to wear separate dresses, flip a coin. The person who wins wears the dress. Respect the outcome, regardless of whether you win or lose.

Be mature.
In ten years, you're probably not going to remember much about the dress you wore to your homecoming dance. You will, however, remember how much fun you and your friends had at the dance together. If you've tried everything, and your friend still insists on being the one to wear the dress you both love, let her wear it. As hard as that may be, it's not worth getting so upset about a gown. However, if your friend refuses to compromise at all, be sure and ask yourself if she's really a friend.                   

What are some other homecoming style issues that have you and your BFFs have faced? Let us know in the comments section below!   

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by Lauren Padilla | 9/28/2018