Nervous about a new friend? Try these "first date" ideas


One of the good things about the start of school is all the new friends you make. You have plenty to talk about during class, but it can be hard to find things to talk about once the bell rings. It's especially nerve-wracking to hang out with someone outside of school for the first time. Struggling to find something to do with your new friend? Try one of these "friend first date" ideas!

Have a study sesh.
Studying is a totally low-key and easy hangout, plus it's productive and helps with those grades. You'll be so focused on the schoolwork that any conversation will be natural and fun.

Go shopping.
Who doesn't love shopping? You can learn more about each other's style and maybe even pick out something matching and cute.

Invite her over for dinner with your family.
Ask her to join your fam for Taco Tuesday or make-your-own-pizza night. It's a perfect opportunity to talk, and your parents will be sure to fill in any gaps in conversation.

Chat over fro yo.
There's nothing better than frozen yogurt to inspire some conversation. Have a competition to see who can get the most flavors and toppings in one cup and eat every bite!

Have a baking party.
When there's a specific task at hand, like baking, there's less pressure to have forced conversation. Plus, baking is fun and delicious and you're sure to bond over the experience.

Go see a movie.
A movie is a perfect friend first date because you don't have to talk too much. You can get comfortable being around each other and not have to worry about awkward silence.

What are some of your experiences with "friend first dates"? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Deanna Schwartz | 10/2/2019