20 ways to make your best friend's day

Want to be the best friend EVER? Yeah, us too! That's why we're sharing 20 ways to make your BFFs day (and show her how much *really* care). Check them out below.
1. In the car with your fam when her fave song comes on the radio? Send her a text and have a jam session, no matter how far apart you are.
2. Write her a note filled with silly jokes guaranteed to make her grin.
3. At your next sleepover, be ready with a queue of her favorite flicks.
4. If she’s a charter member of Shawn Mendes Lovers Anonymous, grab that mag with Shawn's cute mug plastered all over it and slip it into her locker. She’ll be thrilled you thought of her and her crazy crush, even if you really can’t stand him.
5. Head to the drugstore and pick up a king-size bar of her fave candy.
6. When you say you’ll write to her at camp, actually write to her at camp this summer.
7. Let her pick the next movie you see.
8. She’s got a big crush and you just broke up with your BF? Drop the jealousy for a sec and scheme ways to snag her sweetie.
9. Go with her to the club meeting she’s too freaked to attend solo.
10. Know someone you think she’d totally hit it off with? Offer to introduce her, and then do it.
11. When she says she’s fine but you can tell she isn’t, don’t bug her. Instead, do something spontaneous and fun that’ll get her mind off of things.
12. And when she’s ready to talk? Zip those lips and listen to what she says, even if it’s a problem between the two of you.
13. If she loves your nail polish color or the cute barrette in your hair, pick one up the next time you’re at the store and hand it over when you see her next.
14. Offer to play that game she loves but you totally hate. Marathon Monopoly? Count me in!
15. Post silly comments on her latest Instagram pics.
16. Show her how much you believe in her by running lines for a drama audition, playing goalie before soccer tryouts or reading her short stories.
17. If she’s feeling blue, Snapchat her an old pic of you two having a blast or send a text about a great memory that just sprang to mind.
18. Say thanks, whether she’s tossing out your trash at lunch or waiting for you by your locker after school.
19. Offer up a sincere compliment. Those shoes? Amazing!
20. Give her a bear hug. Like huge, in the middle of the hall. Just because you missed her during math class.
How do you show your friend how much you care, chicas?


by GL | 7/1/2018
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