The perfect game for your next family game night, based on your favorite movie

It's Saturday night, which means family game night. You might rather be at your friend's house watching a movie—or maybe your family has played three straight games of Sorry!, and you ran out of popcorn hours ago. If family game night is a weekly occurrence in your house, it can be tough to switch it up with fun activities. But don't panic: We've got you covered with some of the best board games (based on your fave films, natch) that you and your OG crew will love. 

If you loved Beauty and the Beast, then Scattergories is for you.

Target, $20

If this tale as old as time is your fave Disney movie, this game is perfect for you and your fam. Chances are, if you love this classic princess movie, you know a thing or two about everything. To play Scattergories, roll a lettered dice, pick a list and try to write something down for each category. (Example: If you land on "P," all your answers have to start with that same letter.) This game is great for families who love to test their quick-thinking abilities in a fun way.

If you loved Enola Holmes, then Clue is for you.

Target, $12

Mystery and suspense? *So* your thing. You loved solving puzzles right alongside Enola, even when you had no idea where the twists and turns would take you. This game allows you to be your own detective and piece together an entire mystery. With this updated version, you and your family will try to find the culprit, weapon and location. If you love to connect the dots, you might want to give this game a try.

If you loved Diary of a Wimpy Kid, then Telestrations is for you. 

Target, $20

This iconic movie (based off of the popular book series, ofc) totally matches the vibe of Telestrations. The cartoon drawings from the books make appearances in the movie, and the creative spirit of the series pairs perfectly with this visual game. Telestrations is known as the drawing telephone game for good reason. Choose a card, roll the dice and draw whatever it lands on. Pass your masterpiece to another player and write down what you think they drew. Continue passing and drawing until you get your board back. By the end of the game, everyone will love how the zany images morph into something completely different.

If you loved Camp Rock, then Cranium is for you.

Amazon, $17

If you and your sibs dreamed of being campers at Camp Rock, this creative game will be your next fave. With four categories, everyone in the family can show off their talents. Ready to hum some tunes like Mitchie Torres? Star Performer is perfect for showing off your acting, humming and voice talents. There's also Creative Cat, a fit for anyone to loves to draw and sculpt; Data Head, for the trivia lover; and Word Worm, for the wordsmith. 

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by Elizabeth Gregg | 8/6/2022