Not. Again. What to do when your parents are *always* fighting


It's one thing when you and your mom fight...but it's another when your mom and your dad fight. Arguments between parents can be *super* awkward and uncomfortable, not to mention a little scary. Here's how to cope with family feuds in a healthy (and helpful) way:

Realize that it might just be a phase.
All couples fight (yes, even your parents). So it's normal for your parents to spar from time to time. Take a step back and consider your current sitch. Are you in the middle of moving to new house? Is your grandpa dealing with a health issue? Is Dad working on a super stressful project at work? Sometimes when we are overwhelmed or stressed out, we take things out on the people around us...which very well might be the case with your parents RN. 

Get out of the house.
Or at least go to your room. If you're feeling uncomfortable or if you just can't stand another second of the arguing, remove yourself from the situation. Ask if you can go over to your friend's house or maybe even just for a walk around the neighborhood.

Talk to Mom and Dad.
Regardless of what might be going on in their lives, your parents need to realize it's not okay to make you feel scared or upset. You might be nervous to tell them what you're feeling (you don't want to be dragged into an argument yourself!) but it's important to be honest with them and express what's been going on. Chances are, your parents will be much more sensitive to your feelings moving forward and try to keep the fighting to a minimum, particularly when you're around. 

Don't blame yourself.
You might feel like the fighting is your fault, especially if your name comes up in their arguments (like how your chem grade isn't so great or how they have to drive you to soccer practice every afternoon). Remember that whatever your parents are arguing about is between them, and has nothing to do with you. Even if it feels like you're in the burden or in the way somehow, you are not. We repeat: This is not your fault. 

Have you ever dealt with parents who fight a lot? Tell us how you coped in the comments! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 3/3/2017
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