Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, How do I deal with an immature ex?"

Dear Carol,

I dated this guy then broke up with him. He handled the situation really immaturely. Since I am his locker neighbor, I have to see him every day. Today he walked past me and called me a b*tch under his breath. (Sorry for the bad word!) There's this other guy I liked (and he's why I broke up with my ex, tbh). So I was talking to this other guy and confessing my feelings to him, but he told my ex what I said (turns out they are good friends and I didn't know)—and now my ex is even madder at me. I may sound like the victim, but I also said and did some mean things back. I need advice.

- Immature Ex

Dear Immature Ex,

Ugh, complicated. In general, it's best not to break up with one guy and go out with his friend. Of course your ex is hurting: It was a double whammy. And may I point out that there are more than three people in the world? Is there someone else to crush on? Your ex is mad because it hurts to be dumped. He pushed past you and used a swear word. Not ideal but, as you said, you said mean things too. You'll all get through this, and an apology may be helpful. Think about it. Just: "I'm sorry. I don't think I handled things well and I never meant to hurt you." Then again, distance can help. Any chance you can switch lockers? 

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by GL | 2/3/2023