Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my aunt died and I don't know what to say"

Dear Carol, 

My mother’s sister passed away from COVID. I want to comfort my cousin, but I don’t know what the appropriate thing to do is. My cousin and I are the same age and close, even though we don’t see each other much.

-My Aunt Died 

Dear My Aunt Died, 

How awful for your whole family. When someone dies, it’s usually best to take pen to paper. In this case, however, call and say: “I can’t believe it. I’m so, so sorry.” If your cousin and her mom had a good relationship, add, “Your mom was the best. And she adored you.” Then let her talk as much as she wants to or needs to. You aren’t reminding her of her mother’s death; she’s thinking about her mom 24/7 anyway. You can also text, “I’m here for you any time,” then send hearts and sweet lines with regularity. And give your own mom extra affection. If she seems weepy, hug her. If she seems mad, don’t take it personally.

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by GL | 4/9/2021