Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how can I boost my confidence?"

Dear Carol,
I'm a junior. Freshman year I was confident, but now I'm not, and my friends tell me I'm not "fun" anymore. Is there a way I can boost my confidence?
–Not Confident

Dear Not Confident,
No one feels 100 percent confident all the time, but I'm sorry you're feeling wobbly. What's your best class? Can you try to shine in it? Have you become quiet? Can you flirt a tiny bit or make yourself give three compliments tomorrow at school? Something easy like: "Cool bracelet!" or "I liked your story in English" or "That touchdown was incredible." If you praise others, kind words will echo back. Focus on friends, not frenemies, and do things that make you proud. The holidays are coming, so at Thanksgiving, sit next to your sweetest relatives—the ones who dote on the next generation. Can you tell your parents or BFF that you need a pep talk? Or speak to a teacher, counselor, or school nurse. Last tip: Write down the five best things about being you.

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by Dear Carol | 11/2/2018