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5 ways to protect your skin while enjoying the sun this summer

It's summer—time to get the sun-soaked summer glow. But don't forget to throw some SPF in your tote before you hit the beach. While we love spending hours poolside or on the sand, there's a possible risk of skin damage with all that exposure. Don't worry! We've got you covered (literally, see tips #1 and #5). Keep reading for 5 easy ways to protect your skin while enjoying the sun this summer.

1. Sunscreen


We know this tip immediately sends you back to the days of your mom forcing you to leave an *intense* game of mermaids to reapply. Well, as it turns out, Mom was kinda onto something. Sunscreen is a nearly foolproof way to protect your skin from sunburn and other sun damage. It can even prevent premature aging. Take it upon yourself to make sure your whole squad engages in the pre-pool sunscreen ritual—boom, now everyone has someone to cover their back. 

2. Stay in the shade


On especially warm days, staying in the shade doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the warmth of the sun. Tbh, it might even make the vibes better. Sitting under that tree in your backyard with the latest book on your TBR and a *delish* fruit smoothie? That beats having to constantly check for sunburns and dart across the concrete to not burn your feet on your way to the kitchen any day.

3. Avoid tanning oil


We know you want to get that perfect sun-kissed look—but tanning oil is not the way to go. Tanning oil actually attracts UV rays and increases their absorption into your skin. Translation: It puts you at a higher risk of skin damage. Even if a tanning oil claims to have SPF, it's really not protecting you that much. So just stick to sunscreen, and your skin will thank you.

4. Keep track of time


It's also important that you keep track of how long you're out in the sun. If it's morning or later at night, you can usually sit outside for longer without worrying. But if it's between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., remember to reapply sunscreen every two hours, especially if you're swimming or sweating. Set a timer on your phone when you go outside so you don't forget.

5. Accessorize


Keeping your skin safe doesn't have to be boring. It gives you a reason to buy that cute dad hat you've been eyeing or those sunnies you've been dying to get. Wearing a hat can protect the sensitive skin on your face, and sunglasses can block UV rays from damaging your eyes. Check out our post on beach fits for some summer accessories that can keep you both covered and cute.

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by Aubrey Rhoadarmer and Riley Yates | 7/15/2022