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The reason your boobs look the way they do


Whether you’ve got an A-cup or DDs, we've all been guilty of a little boob envy now and again. Seeing celebs with looking flawless on the red carpet has us checking out our own chest in comparison, but it's hard to live up to a star with a team of stylists.

And though it may seem like everyone around you, even your BFF, has the perfect pair, we’re here to tell you that literally no breasts are created equal. Seriously, perfectly symmetrical breasts are virtually unheard of. And as Mary Jane Minkin, MD told Shape, if they are exactly even, they’re likely to be surgically enhanced. 

If this scientific fact doesn’t comfort you and your chest, remember that there are multiple factors that determine what cup size you’ll be shopping for. We’ve figured out four things that are influencing your boobs' size, shape and feel. 


As weird as it may sound, your mom and dad are a major influence in what your chest ends up looking like. Genes from both sides of your family determine the hormone levels in your body, which in turn affect your breast tissue and the skin that covers your girls. 


A large amount of breast tissue is made up of fat. So whether your weight increases or decreases, your breasts are likely to follow suit. But there’s a catch to this rule: denser breasts tend to have less fat tissue, which means they're less likely to be affected by weight fluctuations.


While you might not have to worry about how aging affects your breasts just yet, it’s good to know that the shape of your breasts changes as you get older. Basically, as you age, your Cooper’s ligaments (which hold everything together) start to wear out and cause sagging. Wearing a supportive bra, however, can help you to avoid gravity’s pull on your girls. 


Sorry, ladies: spending hours in the gym toning your pectoral muscles probably won’t change how your chest looks. While your pecs which lay underneath your breasts might get stronger, your breasts won’t undergo any kind of visibile, drastic transformation. That is, unless you’re a body builder. Competitors in fitness competitions like body building tend to have such low levels of body fat that their breasts appear firmer. 

It's important to remember, though, that your chest is yours, and just by being a part of your body, it's pretty much perfect. Learn to love your bod as is and you'll be so confident that you'll never need to covet someone else's cup size again.

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by Mallory Walker | 2/1/2016