How to beat the heat on your summer run

Summer sunshine is our *fave* when it comes to things like breaking out your jean shorts, jumping in the pool or going to get ice cream with your squad but if you live somewhere that get's really hot in the summer, the thought of going for a run can sound like torture. Braving the humidity will eventually acclimate your body to the weather which will pay off in a faster pace once the temperatures cool down in the fall. Sweaty summer miles still might sound like a bit of a drag, but we have some tips for beating the heat and getting in an *actually* good run this summer. 

Sweat-wicking clothing


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Trust us, a black cotton t-shirt is *not* the top you want when you hit the trails. Once you start to sweat, cotton sticks to you making you feel weighed down and just #uncomfortable. Moisture-wicking tank tops and socks are made from polyester to keep sweat on the top layer of clothing and not stuck on your body, making them perfect for warm temps. 

Run early


Running in the afternoon when temperatures are highest will lead to a workout that feels super exhausting and can lead to dangers like heat exhaustion. We get it—no one *really* want's to get up at 5 AM for a run, but the morning hours offer the best break from strong sunlight. Set your alarm for some time between 5 and 9 AM and start your day off right with a mile or two in cooler temperatures. You can go right back to bed afterward, we promise. 


We're sure you've heard over and over again about the importance of hydration but it really is one of the most important things you should be doing every day. You should be drinking water before and after your run, and if your run is extra-long try to either carry water with you or plan your route along somewhere with a drinking fountain. Need some hydration hacks? We've got your back. 

Stay off of roads 

Asphalt and concrete absorb heat and radiate it back onto you. Shaded bike trails or running trails are a great start and actual dirt trails through woods are the coolest of all. You can also create your own bit of shade by wearing a baseball cap or other hat. (We love this ponytail cap from Blogilates!)

Replenish your electrolytes

Sweat is pretty much inevitable during the summer and it is our body's way of cooling us down—but micronutrients like electrolytes are lost when you sweat. After your run grab a bottle of Gatorade or another sports drink along with your regular water bottle to replenish your fluid and electrolytes. 

Run by effort not pace 


Going out too hard and trying to get a personal record on your run may not be the best goal for the summer. Stay in tune with your body and run for the amount of time you can hold the amount of effort you want to put in. If that effort is easy or moderate every day, that's okay! Just getting outside for an easy run is an accomplishment on its own. If you feel too tired or hot, stop. Your health is the most important factor of your workout. Period. 

Indoor training options 

Sometimes it simply is too hot for a run. If the weather service issues a heat advisory, you can get your cardio in on a treadmill or take this opportunity to cross-train with a swim or some core training. Better yet, a hot day might just be your sign to take a rest day and try some yoga. 

Happy running! 

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by Abigail Adams | 8/10/2021