7 easy-to-learn beginner workout vids you can find on YouTube rn

Even months after the beginning of last year's pandemic, YouTube workout videos are still some of the best ways to increase physical fitness. From full-body circuits to pilates and yoga, YouTube offers a wide range of workout options that can be done right at home, often with little-to-no equipment needed. If you're looking to get on your healthy girl grind this summer, look no further—here are seven GL-approved YouTube workout vids that are totally high energy and perfect for beginners. Grab a mat and let's get started!

1. Music warm-up

This 12-minute musical warmup is *perfect* for getting your muscles ready before a workout. It features music from our fave artists like Harry Styles and and Kacey Musgraves, and can even be used as a standalone routine for beginners! 

2. SOUR dance workout

If you're obsessing over Olivia Rodrigo's new album as much as we are, this SOUR dance workout is the *perfect* way to get moving while still having So. Much. Fun. This Teagan Dixon vid is officially the coolest way to listen to SOUR.

3. 10-minute ab circuit

This ab circuit vid is a great way to work out your core while still engaging other muscle groups. Professional trainer Sydney Cummings is one of YouTube's most encouraging fitness instructers, and her videos range from beginner to expert. After this ab circuit, you'll be hooked on Sydney's content!

4. Simple yoga workout

Yoga is a great low-impact workout for when you want to get moving but don't want to break a total sweat. This easy yoga vid will take you through a variety of easy poses that will help increase your flexibility and build a foundation for harder poses! This is also a great way to wake up and start your day.

5. No-equipment arm workout

Whether you're trying to master your tennis swing, gain strength in swimming, or just become more strong overall, focusing on your arms is a great way to make sure you feel great! This arm workout is easy enough for beginners to do, but will still leave you feeling sweaty and successful. 

6. 14 minute back workout

Yes, back workouts are a thing! Having a strong back can help you get better posture, feel better (especially if you sit all day!) and helps you improve your performance in practically every sport. This workout is designed to help back pain *and* is quick enough that you can do it in under 15 minutes!

7. Full-body HIIT workout

If you're looking for something that will work out your whole body, a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout will be your new BFF. Remember to warm-up and grab water and you're all set! 

Whether you're working out to get stronger or just to keep active during the summer, YouTube vids are a great resource if you're just getting started, or don't even know where to start! If workout vids aren't your jam, we've got a bunch of other ways to stay active during summer. 
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Slider image: @madfit.ig | All GIFs via Giphy.


by Lena Genovese and Serena Sherwood | 7/25/2021