Cardio feels hardio? You *need* to try this mini trampoline workout

It's time to take your fitness routine to entirely new heights...

by jumping on a mini trampoline!

Known as "rebounder" workouts, this ultra-trendy approach to exercise is a fave among celebs like Kaia Gerber and Chrissy Teigen. And for good reason: Bouncing gets your heart pumping, works every muscle in your body and kicks up your endorphins to boost mood and halt anxious feelings. Plus, it improves your balance and coordination, all in 45 minutes flat.

Need more convincing? A study from NASA found that thanks to the gravitational forces involved, bouncing on a trampoline spikes your heart rate even more effectively than going on a run.

Plus, it's easier than it looks. Remember how you ruled every birthday bouncy castle? Yep, you can do this. All you need is a rebounder of your own, a great playlist and some high-flying energy.

Here, trainer Tiffani Robbins of Obé Fitness shares some of her favorite moves that will (literally) have you jumping for joy.


Bounce down. This is the basic bounce (aka bouncing up and down), but you'll want to make sure you've got proper form. With your feet directly under your hips, bend your knees slightly, then engage your core while holding your shoulders up and back. Finally, push through your heels to bounce down to the beat of the music.

Run. While standing on the trampoline, engage your core, then bring one knee at a time to your chest. Start slowly by marching out the move then, when you're ready, challenge yourself by speeding things up and pushing off the trampoline every time you switch legs. 

Jumping jacks. Starting with your feet together in the middle of the trampoline, jump them out toward the sides while throwing your arms overhead, as if you're making a starfish shape with your body. Then jump them back together, swing your hands back down to your sides and repeat.

A jump-worthy trampoline playlist
A rebounder workout is basically a dance party with a little extra sweat. Here are Robbins' five favorite songs to bounce to the beat.

"Trampoline (Joel Corry Remix)" by Shaed & Zayn
"The Middle (Marc Benjamin Remix)" by Zedd, Maren Morris
"If I Can't Have You (Gryffin Remix)" by Shawn Mendes
"I Wanna Go" by Britney Spears
"Painkiller" by Jason Derulo ft. Meghan Trainor


Double jack with a tuck jump. An amped-up version of your regular jumping jack, bounce two times with your legs open, jumping jack style, then bring your legs together, pulling both of your knees up to your chest at the same time.

Run to sprint. Cycle through eight "high knee" runs (bring one knee at a time toward your chest) then try a "fast feet" style spring, with knees bent and feet close to the trampoline for eight counts.

Up and over. Work your glutes with this squat series. Start on the right side of your trampoline with your left foot on the net and your right foot on the ground. Bring your hips back into a squat position, driving through your heels. Then, step up onto the trampoline and over to the left side, squatting with your right foot on the net and your left foot on the ground.


Hop on the trampoline for 45 minutes three times a week (this can take the place of your other cardio) and jump along with the music. You can mix up the moves—for example, one minute of basic bouncing (known as bouncing down), followed by 30 seconds of running, 30 seconds of jumping jacks and 30 seconds of squats.

Into it? Choreograph a dance party of your own or follow along with one of Robbins' classes on

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Slider Image: Edited for digital coverage by Katherine Hammer.

by Zoe Weiner | 3/3/2021