Vibe check! How to embrace your positive energy

Newsflash: Having lucky girl syndrome is more than just a mindset. It's a lifestyle. And a *major* component of this lifestyle is positivity. But it can be hard to maintain a positive outlook on life amid all the stress and chaos.

If you've been in a funk lately, DW. We have you covered with five ways to level up your vibes and kick negativity to the curb. 

Surround yourself with positivity


We know it sounds a tad cliche. But it's a cliche for a reason. Our personality is basically the average of the five people we spend the most time with. And if the five people you find yourself constantly around are energy vampires (aka sucking up the good vibes), their negativity is bound to affect yours. So consider this your daily reminder to surround yourself with positive people.

(Besides your friends, your energy can also be affected by your media consumption. While we love watching TikTok videos that leave us in our feels, consider dialing it back and following more people who inspire you. Trust us, once you fine-tune your feed, your vibration will skyrocket.)

Practice mindfulness and gratitude


Life moves very fast. It's so important to take a moment each day to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Right before bed or first thing in the morning, sit quietly and become fully aware of the present. During this time, reflect on what you're grateful for, such as your supportive friends, the Starbucks barista for making your Dragonfruit Refresher just like you like it or simply being alive. After all, expressing appreciation for the little joys in life is a fantastic way to channel good energy.

Incorporate color into your life


Did you know color affects our mood? Yep, psychologists have found that shades such as light blue and earth-toned greens cause the human brain to feel tranquil sensations, while yellow causes feelings of happiness. So why not splash your life with some of these vibrant shades? From butterfly clips to a new throw pillow, incorporating your surroundings with these happy hues is a fun way to reintroduce cheerfulness into your space.

Nourish your body


We've heard it countless times: "You are what you eat!" And it's so true. Eating nutrient-packed foods, yes, nourishes your brain, but they also lower your stress levels. So treat your body right and add energy-boosting superfoods like spinach, avocado and oats to your plate. (Try these fruit-inspired breakfasts.)

Connect with nature


Feeling out of sync? It's time to visit Mother Nature! Take a walk, set up a picnic in the park or head out to the beach and feel the earth's energy surrounding you. Being out in nature is the *perfect* way to recharge and lift your spirits. The best part—you'll be getting Vitamin D while living out your clean girl dreams. Just don't forget to put on SPF!

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by Kukua Honny | 9/1/2023