You'll wake up *so* rested if you use these sleep apps


It’s that dreaded time of year where our clocks spring forward and our sleep goes a bit haywire. If you have trouble falling asleep normally, then you might be pretty scared what daylight savings time will do to your body. Waking up early is no fun and waking up extra early is doubly less fun. If you want to combat tomorrow's groggies, try one of the following apps for your phone.

Sleep Cycle
Sleep Cycle will track your sleep pattern throughout the entire night. Using the data, it finds a thirty minute period to wake you up during your lightest sleep phase so you're not so drowsy. You can also view your data and pinpoint what you need to improve in order to get better sleep.

Relax Melodies
White noise is a great way to help your body fall asleep. When you’re stressed, it can be extremely difficult for your mind to let go of its distractions but soft background noise can help. Relax Melodies has everything from storms to rolling waves to wind chimes.

Sleep Genius
Sleep Genius lets you choose from all different relaxation and sleep programs. When you’re ready to come out of your meditation/relaxation/sleep period, it wakes you up with a gentle alarm.

Yoga for Insomnia
This one is for all of you sleep-suffering yogis out there! Insomnia is a sleep disorder that over half of adults suffer from at some point in their lifetime. But more and more, we’re seeing kids be affected by this awful disorder too. Yoga for Insomnia shows you the *perfect* yoga positions for overcoming sleeplessness.

Pzizz uses ‘psychoacoustic’ principles in order to create dreamscapes that will not just help you fall asleep, but also stay asleep. When you’re ready to wake up, Pzizz will do that too!

Calm is an app aimed at helping you get better sleep through things like meditation, ASMR and storytelling. You'll feel so much more well-rested in the morning.

Do you use any apps to help you fall asleep? Share in the comments! 

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by Kaila L. | 3/11/2017