Eat Right

Going Semi-Vegetarian

I can’t remember the last time I ate a steak—  I haven’t eaten pork or red meat since high school. I stick to a mainly vegetarian diet. I enjoy fish sometimes and maybe the occasional baked chicken breast. So, I guess technically I am a semi-vegetarian. 
My appetite for red meat became nonexistent when I learned about animal cruelty. Eventually, just the thought of eating a hot dog literally made me queasy.  It wasn’t too hard to make the switch. I come from big Italian and Polish families and both love to base their meals around animals that go “moo” and “oink.”

I held my ground and was eventually got used to finding tasty veg alternatives when eating the meat-filled meals with my family. Surprisingly, the biggest struggle for me was the loss of A1 Sauce. Suddenly, I had nothing to soak delish steak sauce in! No biggie though, now if I get a craving for it, I just add it to baked potatoes or eat it with yummy fish.
I make up the protein loss with veggie burgers, nuts (almonds are my fave), and natural peanut butter. I love veggie stir-fry. Hummus is always top on my grocery list. It’s high in protein, iron and vitamin C, which are all important in every diet! I also love sushi (of course!) and all kinds of curry.
I’m not cheering all you girlies on to go veg or go home.  I am encouraging any of you who are or who are thinking about becoming vegetarians to make your own healthy plans. You don’t have to follow every rule and recommendation. I certainly don’t and I’ve been sticking to mine for years. If you’re passionate about your diet, whatever your reason for it may be, you should find a way to make it work for you!


by Taeler Lottino | 2/1/2016