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Everything you need to know about the "girl dinner" TikTok trend

Recently, a new trend has taken over TikTok: the girl dinner. But what started off as a fun, relatable and cutesy trend took a turn for the worse as some TikToks started to unintentionally promote distorted eating habits. New food or diet trends are always something to be careful with (remember to listen to your body!), but here is how you can make "girl dinner" right for you. 

What is a girl dinner?

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With the viral "girl dinner" TikTok sound, hundreds of thousands of users have shared their take on the trend. This meal is typically a plate of easy food items that don't require much cooking. Girls have bonded over their random combinations of fruit, veggies and protein that make for an easy (yet still nutritious) dinner. After all, not being able to cook an elaborate meal every day is something we call all relate to. 

This trend has become so popular that there are even filters that choose your "girl dinner" food items for you. 

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Cute, right? While "girl dinner" is a fun way to view meals, it's also important to realize that not every TikTok shows an accurate representation of someone's everyday eating habits, nor what a healthy meal should look like. While some TikToks show an assortment of nutritious food like cheese, crackers, sausage and broccoli, others portray "girl dinner" as a slice of cake or a block of cheese.  

How to make "girl dinner" right for you


We *love* that girls are bonding over their cute little dinners, but it's important to realize that every body has different needs. Respond to your own instead of feeling pressured to do what someone online is doing because they look a certain way.  

If you feel like you need a more fulfilling "girl dinner" to make you feel the best, then so be it! If you're not feeling particularly hungry and are fine with a snack plate every once in a while, then that's great for you, too. Either way, make sure that whatever you put together will give you energy—that means incorporating a variety of protein, greens, grains and fruits.

There are also some TikTok users who make the most delish videos about their meals. Tiffany Elizabeth, aka the Mustard Lady, has gained a following for her innovative "Tiffany plates," which typically consist of cottage cheese, mustard, chicken sausage, hearts of palm and Brussels sprouts. 

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Tiffany shows a meal that works for her—and that happens to be a large snack plate filled with nutritious ingredients. But, there are a *ton* of other options for an easy meal. Especially when you're just looking for a lighter meal or a more satiating snack, this easy gourmet toast could be the one for you.


This is so delicious

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Remember, "girl dinner" isn't supposed to be a certain serving or a certain type of food. While there are *so* many girlies out there who have delicious recipes and meals, do whatever works for you.

What does YOUR "girl dinner" look like? Share with us on Tik Tok @girlslifemag!

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by Anne Chen | 8/17/2023