Eat Right


I was secretly psyched when I spied oatmeal at my neighborhood Starbucks. Normally, I try to support the cute, cafes near GL HQ. But they are lacking in healthy bfast options. Muffins and bagels just don’t make the cut.
The oatmeal at Sbucks comes with 3 possible toppings: nuts, dried fruit or brown sugar. I opted for nuts (omega 3s! good fat!). After I picked my topping, the barista added hot water to a cardboard cup filled with oats. WHATT?
The perfect oatmeal, which I whip up in my house a few days a week, is made with skim milk thankyouverymuch. Then, I sprinkle on dried cranberries, slivered almonds and a speck of brown sugar. Yum!
So while I (sorta) enjoyed my café oats, I felt I could have done a better job making them myself. But what was I expecting? A grandma behind the counter, slowly stirring the perfect pot of hearty oats? Not so much.
At 240 calories (with one topping), the perfect oatmeal is def. a decent choice, if you find yourself at Sbucks and are in desperate need of breakfast. But if you’re just lookin’ for some hot oats, you’re better off stirring it up at home. 
by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016