Eat Right

Packing a healthy lunch? Here are some tasty ideas

On a health kick? Well don't be alarmed if you have to pack a lunch often, there are plenty of healthy lunches that are great on the go. Make them the night before (or the morning of) put in a go container, add a drink, a little snack, put it in a lunch box or bag and you are good to go. Now, for those flavorful ideas…

Chicken Caesar Lettuce Wraps

It’s a salad, It’s a wrap, it’s a chicken caesar lettuce wrap! Make that big chicken caesar salad into a convenient on the go lunch wrap! Perfect to get the best of both chicken and a salad quickly! Try this delightful and appetizing wrap for a perfect lunch!  Add a drink, a side and you are good to go! Want this enjoyable recipe, click here.

Bistro Box

Save time, skip the line and make your own homemade bistro box! This box is great for a quick on the go lunch! Delicious and savory all in the same lunch! Don't like an ingredient? That’s okay, make the bistro box to your liking, however, if don’t know what goes in one… click here for an awesome recipe.

No-Bread Italian Subs

Not the biggest fan of bread but still want a sub? Here is a great quick lunch to get that sub. Make an Italian sub without the bread by replacing it with the meat! This is easy to make and tastes so fresh and enjoyable. Want to make this breadless sub? Click here

Chicken Bacon Ranch Lettuce Wrap

Love chicken? Love bacon? Love ranch? Well if so this is the lunch for you! Put all three together in a lettuce wrap to add some extra fresh greens. Let's be honest, who doesn't love at least one of the three? Well if you do put it with the others and fall in love, click here to get the incredible recipe.

Stuffed Avocados

Are you an avocado lover? Try these perfect recipes that will make your taste buds go crazy! Here are three ways to turn your avocado obsession into an even bigger one. Click here to stuff an avocado to your liking. 


Santa Fe Chicken Salad

Want a healthy salad that doesn't only look great but tastes great as well? Here is a chance to try a salad that is both of those! Try this salad that will take your taste buds to another planet, plus all of the ingredients blended together will blow you away. Click here to get the ingredients to be blown away.

Taco Salad in a Jar

Layers upon layers of deliciousness in every bit, yeah, that's right layers upon layers! Make this amazing taco salad in a JAR! Save room in the fridge, but not in your stomach, this salad is so delicious you will eat it all. Add what you would like, but if you want the recipe click here.


Loaded Vegetarian Burrito Bowl

Satisfy your chipotle cravings which a homemade burrito bowl. What's awesome about this bowl is that you can make it and have leftovers that will last for a few days and it still tastes amazing. It is definitely an easy go-to meal when you have no idea what to make. What the recipe for this delicious bowl? Click here




by Mallory Paul | 6/10/2018