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This or that: Spring break edition!

Spring Break is almost here and it's never too early to start daydreaming about your plans and getaways. Here are some quick picks to get your minds and imaginations working on your upcoming spring break. 

Would you rather...

1. Stay at home with friends or go on a vacation with family? 

2. Wear a sundress or wear cutoff jeans?

3. Hike in the mountains or go sailing on the sea? 

4. Plant a garden or go on a bike ride? 

5. Learn how to play guitar or make cookies? 

6. Watch a Gossip Girl marathon or a Marvel movie marathon?

7. Film a music video or build a backyard fort? 

8. Go roller skating or go bowling? 

9. Get your nails done or go on a shopping spree? 

10. Visit the aquarium or go to a baseball game?

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by Nancy Bowne | 3/4/2020