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The perfect hairstyle for every zodiac sign

Don't get us wrong, we love a good ponytail. But after days and days of throwing your hair back in a scrunchie, you may want to switch up your look. 

Leveling up your hair game is the next step to your new school year glow-up. Whether you aim for the clean girl aesthetic or a fun Y2K look, the hairstyle possibilities are endless. Don't know where to start?'s in the stars!

Aries: Y2K half-up-half-down


Aries, we love your confidence. You are a bold, fearless and decisive leader, and this hairstyle screams it. Don't be scared to flaunt your powerful nature, starting with this Y2K half-up-half-down look. 

Taurus: Voluminous 90's blowout

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Tauruses love a good self-care moment. You invest time in your whole self—mental health, physical appearance and overall well-being. You exude a luxurious, chill, clean and put-together energy that everyone aspires to have. What better way to express that than a bouncy blowout? 

Gemini: Bubble braids

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If we could describe Geminis in one word, it would definitely be fun! You are constantly juggling your social cal, making time for all your hobbies, friends and plans. Take our advice and express your bubbly personality with these bubbly braids. 

Cancer: Crimped beach waves


Oh Cancer, our dear summer baby. You are known for being kind, sensitive and extremely loyal. Like your crab symbol, you have a hard shell. That shell only cracks with time, revealing your innermost self. Now, in order to show off that inner sparkle, crimp your hair and rock some beach waves this summer season. 

Leo: Slicked-back pony


Leos are the unwavering leader of the zodiacs. You radiate power, courage and tenacity. Often, you've got money on the brain. A lover of aesthetic and designer everything, diamonds and bold colors like red or hot pink are your jam. To match your fab fits, whip your strands into a sleek, voluminous high pony. 

Virgo: Low braids with ribbon


Virgo, you are simply cool. Whether you mysteriously work in an underground coffee shop, make unique artwork or browse at vintage stores, we love your creative spirit. Aside from that, you are practical, humble and industrious. These loose braids with cute ribbons are perf for all your endeavors. 

Libra: Threaded braids


Hey, Libra! Word on the street is that you're super social with a sharp sense of intellect. You try to avoid conflict when you can, but justice and equality are important to you. To compliment your peaceful and idealistic views, try wrapping threads around small braids near your face and tying them together in the back. Cool, balanced and connected (just like you!).

Scorpio: Scarf


Your charisma is showing—and we're loving it. You're strong in your beliefs and self, and your loyalty is unquestionable. Passionate, persistent and strategic, others never know what you have up your sleeve. Rock a versatile scarf this week for an unexpected twist.

Sagittarius: Half-up with a bow


We heart your exploratory energy and can-do attitude. You're always up for an adventure, and your curiosity compliments your bubbly personality. Smart, empathetic and caring, you and Hermione Granger would be BFFs. Add an adorable bow to your half-up half-down to maximize the Sag vibes.

Capricorn: Power bun


Always determined, ambitious and practical, you've got your hands full, Capricorn. We know you put the utmost care into your pursuits (whether it be relationships or achievements), and your hair simply cannot get in the way of them. Opt for a high bun with strands pulled out for extra pizzazz. 

Aquarius: Space buns


As an Aquarius, you're eccentric, unique and independent. Your creative spirit shines through in all of your relationships. Show off your one-of-a-kind style with space buns.

Pisces: Single braid


Empathetic, imaginative and easygoing, your sweet personality is loved by every gal around you. You're drawn to all things artsy and romantic, and your willingness to share your emotions and generosity with others is classic Pisces behavior. A low, romantic braid with a ribbon matches your lovable and gentle vibe. 

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Slider image: @itsgretawilson
Top image: @lanacondor


by Frankie Smith and Julia Szymanski | 9/9/2023