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Your guide to mastering your moon sign (and the upcoming lunar eclipse)

The start of Scorpio season means it's time to dig into our deepest feels...and what better way to do that than looking at the moon?

When it comes to the zodiac, sun signs are the easiest to figure out: All you need is your birthday. But with so many astrological happenings on any given day, sun signs can feel vague and broad, even contradictory (shoutout to your Leo friend who's the quietest person you know). 

That's where rising and moon signs come in: They're more specific, tied to exactly when and where we were born. Rising signs reflect how we often appear to others, while moon signs depict our deepest, most emotional sides. 

So say you're a Sagittarius sun who isn't super outgoing and adventurous—which could very well be explained by your introverted, sensitive Cancer moon. Sounds complicated? Kinda, but it's also what makes other people so complex and fascinating (imagine how boring the world would be if there were only 12 types of people).

To find your moon sign, try an app such as CoStar or TimePassages. Then, use your newfound knowledge to better understand yourself—and your relationships to big astrological events, like the upcoming lunar eclipse in Taurus on Nov. 8. Time to tap into your true self...


Even if you seem calm and collected, a moon in hotheaded Aries means you can suddenly feel impulsive—giving you a needed push to go after your dreams, even if you have no idea what the end result will be. This will lead to some minor mishaps...and some of the best major decisions you've ever made.

What the lunar eclipse means for you: The moon in earthy Taurus clashes with your fiery spirit and can make you a bit restless. Time to start planning your future college or career path.


Taurus moons are soothed by physical comfort and art. Even if you have a very active social life, deep down you love routines and a well-thought-out plan—and you're often the low-key mom of the friend group. 

What the lunar eclipse means for you: The moon is in your astrological placement, so you will feel the maximum benefits—like the energy to declutter your space and even get rid of emotional baggage that you feel has been holding you back for years.


Gemini moons are incredible communicators with an almost magical ability to ask for whatever they want in a way that never feels demanding, just direct. You dazzle people without ever seeming like you're trying. 

What the lunar eclipse means for you: The life of the party anywhere you go, this lunar eclipse in homey Taurus has got you thinking about doing the hosting for a change. It's a great opportunity to get closer to your friends by being the one who brings them all together.


Highly sensitive with razor-sharp intuition, you withdraw quickly when you feel unsure of someone's intentions. That's why people seek your advice—like that time you knew your BFF's ex was trouble before she did. 

What the lunar eclipse means for you: The moon in Taurus reflects on the theme of home, and for you that can have more to do with the people who feel like home. It's a good time to re-evaluate your friendships and prioritize a few ride-or-dies over big groups or casual bonds.


Leo moons are essentially more subtle Leos. Charismatic and creative, you're always impressing people with accomplishments and seem to pick up new skills with ease (though, deep down, you're a painstaking perfectionist).

What the lunar eclipse means for you: Since Taurus is the sign of beauty, this lunar eclipse is your moment to clean out your closet and donate pieces that have lost their punch. Use your newfound space to take a fashion risk that feels more you. 


As a Virgo moon, you have the habit of looking after everyone but yourself—and it's not always outwardly obvious how much you do because you seldom complain. Naturally, you're an incredible friend, and you attract a squad of true blues who are equally supportive.

What the lunar eclipse means for you: Taurus is kind of the unofficial sign of self-care, so this eclipse is making you simplify your schedule, cut out stress and take a big (and much-needed) break before you burn out.



Libras love harmony—and Libra moons thrive on making other people feel genuinely accepted. Your friends confide in you first because you understand people's flaws with minimal judgment. You help others see themselves in the best light.

What the lunar eclipse means for you: An eclipse in a grounded earth sign is your cue to resolve any lingering conflicts. The calming energy (combined with your ability to see both sides of a sitch) can make any tense moments easy to get through.


As if Scorpios weren't mysterious enough, Scorpio moons are even harder to crack. To some, you can seem distant and cool, but you're actually very sensitive—and reserve your truest thoughts for the few you trust to honor them. 

What the lunar eclipse means for you: Taurus energy encourages unwinding and enjoyment-seeking, so this eclipse teaches you to be a little less in your head and more in the moment. PSA: Sometimes a weird interaction at an otherwise great party just isn't that deep.


Sag moons are a bit restless, needing intellectual and emotional stimulation to be happy. You prefer people who challenge you or lead very different lives from you. You're also the sign that's most likely to have friends who know you in completely different contexts.

What the lunar eclipse means for you: As a fire sign, you feel a little bored during the eclipse, but it's a sign to examine the snoozy stuff you tend to rearranging your room or catching up on that science extra credit.


Incredibly reliable even when you seem relaxed, you're always aware of everything around you, including other people's needs. Your ability to tune into your analytical side makes you the natural problem-solver of your group. 

What the lunar eclipse means for you: Taurus, the sign of luxury, has you thinking about the more material side of things. Time to make a hobby into a side gig, apply for a part-time job or start plotting some bigger career goals for your future. 


More than any other sign, you care for other people (and animals)—and any sense of injustice lingers. You're so focused on the broader issues in the world that you sometimes lose track of your own worries. 

What the lunar eclipse means for you: You can't help others if you can't help yourself: Look at areas of your life that have stressed you out—and fill your own cup with some self-care. It's a great time to ground yourself and get in touch with your physical and mental health.


One of the most emotional signs, you are easily swept up in your own feelings. You don't get crushes—you get infatuated. And when it comes to people you care about, your intense sense of empathy means that anyone who hurts them hurts you, too.

What the lunar eclipse means for you: Taurus, being the sign of beauty and home, makes you feel completely (and creatively) inspired during this eclipse. It's a great time to explore your feelings through journaling, art or even just listening to music.

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by Lily Johnson | 10/23/2022