Star Signs

The perfect accessory for every zodiac sign

Fashion is a form of self-expression and nothing says *you* more than your star sign! Spruce up your look with these zodiac-inspired accessories.


Ink + Alloy, $40

You're ambitious, brave and unafraid of being 100%  yourself. And what says confidence more than a pair of statement earrings? These beaded heart earrings from Ink + Alloy are perfect for someone as one-of-a-kind as you.


Urban Outfitters, $20

Tauruses are known for being dedicated and hardworking, but you can also be just a *little bit* stubborn. It's only because you know exactly what you want! As an earth sign, you tend to be set in your ways, which is why this stone ring set is exactly what you need.


Calico, $15

You're clever and outgoing—and always keeping up with the hottest trends. Geminis are air signs. Translation: Nothing can keep you down. You are the life of every party and are always wanting to make new friends. This beaded choker from Calico is just as fun as you.


gorjana, $55

Cancers are known for being in touch with their emotions (sometimes that does mean crying *a lot*). You are compassionate, kind and loving to every person you meet. Cancer is ruled by the moon, so why not show that off in your style? Check out the Luna Ring Set from gorjana for an iconic celestial look.


Zara, $18

You are constantly taking risks and living life to the fullest. You are confident, joyful and creative. Leos can be a bit dramatic from time to time, but what fun is there in being boring? Zara's Bead and Pearl Hoops are perfect for a Leo who is always down for an adventure.


en route, $27

You're organized, motivated and practical. You think on your feet and tend to take charge (you *always* do the most for group projects). Virgos are also the kindest and most thoughtful friends. This gold heart necklace from en route is sweet and classy, just like you! 


Francesca's, $24

You're zen and have amazing taste. Libras are fun, luxurious and loyal. You love being around other people and thrive on balance. These pink friendship bracelets are perfect to share with your besties.


Etsy, $18

Scorpios are known for being passionate and brave. You are a natural leader, but you're also a little bit mysterious. Lean into your spooky side and rock these pink ghost earrings.


H&M, $13

Sagittariuses are funny, charismatic and full of energy. You always know how to lift people's spirits. You're the life of the party! Channel that fun energy into your style with this Y2K-inspired beaded necklace.


Little Words Project, $25

Capricorns have it all together. You're responsible, have great self-control and love a good routine. Your patience and independence are a strength. Remind yourself of your goals with a "YOU GOT THIS" bracelet from Little Words Project.


Etsy, $20

Aquariuses are smart and love to fight for what is right. You want to make the world a better place! You're also totally independent and don't follow trends—instead, you start them. Show off your Aquarius originality and elegance with this gold Earth pendant necklace.


Evry Jewels, $30

Pisces are intuitive, compassionate and creative. You are sensitive and romantic (and tend to daydream). Keep your head in the clouds and honor those dreamy vibes with this cloud ring from Evry Jewels.

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by Laine Napoli and Aubrey Rhoadarmer | 7/15/2022