10 *super* chill popsicles you can make at home

As summer heats up, so does your craving for everything cold and refreshing. Ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, popsicles, want it all. Instead of flagging down the ice cream truck, head to your kitchen and cool down with these 10 homemade frosty treats.

Gummy bear
Gummy bear popsicle? Unheard of! Super creative and fun, this summertime treat will have everyone talking.

Strawberry Nutella
Nutella in a popsicle. Need we say more?

Blackberry honey yogurt
Healthy and fresh, this blackberry honey yogurt popsicle is the perfect way to beat the heat and skip all the added sugar.

Rainbow pudding
Finally! A popsicle that captures your aesthetic. This rainbow popsicle looks good and tastes good, making it perfect for Instagram *and* your tastebuds.

Frozen grapes
If you’ve ever had frozen grapes as a snack, you already know how delish they are. Put them in a popsicle, and you’re in for a stellar sweet treat.

Bored with all your fruit juice popsicles? Fudgsicles to the rescue.

Shirley Temple
With tasty cherry and orange flavors, you will surely love these Shirley Temple popsicles. Served after dinner, they can be the cherry on top of a perfect meal.

Banana split
Put your popsicle molds away, and switch it up with these bomb banana split desserts. Super easy, bananas and chocolate come together to make the perfect pop.

Peaches 'n' cream
Mimic Grandma’s legendary peach ice cream with these popsicles.

Coconut berry
Are you all about the coconut craze? Look no further than these coconut berry popsicles. With the tangy taste of berry and the calming coconut, you won’t be disappointed with these pretty pops.

What's your favorite popsicle flavor? Tell us below! 

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Photo credit: Pinterest.

by Erin Farrugia | 6/18/2017
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