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Find out why this girl ate fish food...ewwwww

My little brother is adorable and he's usually really fun to hang out with, but recently he's definitely stuck in a gross phase. The other day my family and I were doing these silly blind taste tests — we've been bored, so we basically decided that we'd take turns wearing a blindfold, and we'd have to eat a bunch of different foods and guess what they were in just one tiny bite. It was my turn to do the tasting, and I was doing really well when I started my next challenge. The "food" was pebbly, tasted really salty, and was kind of slimy. I kept it in my mouth for a good 10 seconds, trying to make sense of what it was when I realized — UGH, my brother made me taste his pet fish's gross food!!! My parents laughed because they're always taking his side on everything...but I WILL get him back! 

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by GL | 4/27/2020