Blush Much

This girl went to the store in a Dora costume...and guess who saw her?!

My little sister is obsessed with costumes so while in quarantine we've been pretending every day is Halloween. Last week, I surprised her by rummaging through my closet to recreate Dora the Explorer's signature look. I had just cut my own bangs (fail, btw), so I looked pretty legit. We laughed and played for a while and then I remembered that I was supposed to run to Target with my mom to pick up a few things we needed for the house. I didn't feel like changing and figured I probably wouldn't see anyone my age there anyway, so I just went in my Dora clothes. My mom and I got everything on our list and headed for checkout when I spotted the most popular girl in my grade about 10 feet away with her mom. She looked flawless and had on the cutest outfit—she definitely thinks I'm nuts because she was staring up and down at my Dora #lewk. Whatever...I was just having fun!

—Sienna, 14

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by GL | 4/17/2020