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This girl farted on a Zoom call and then...

"Me and a bunch of people in my grade have been doing daily Zoom calls to keep in touch lately—sometimes there's 20 of us on one call and it gets kind of hectic. Well, last Wednesday I had just finished a big plate of tacos that my mom made and I felt like I had to fart. There were a lot of people talking over each other so I kept chatting and let one slip. I had NO IDEA, though, that it was going to be the loudest fart ever and come at a time when there was a lull in the conversation. EVERYONE heard the fart and started laughing and saying "Who was it? Who was it?" I have, like, no game face and I turned bright red, so much so that my best friend noticed and side-texted me saying, "OMG you're so red...were you the one who farted?!?!" No more Zoom calls after tacos. EVER."

—Maisen, 14

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by GL | 4/10/2020