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Learn from this girl’s *major* mistake on Valentine's

I've been obsessed with this boy named Tyler Herzinger since the sixth grade and after several group texts and a lot of lunch conversations with my friends, they finally convinced me that Valentine's Day was the day to let Tyler know how I felt. I didn't want to look like a total loser and was scared to say anything to his face, so I decided to slip a note in his locker that said, "TBH, I've always thought you were so cute. Happy V-Day. Love, Sam." It was sincere, flirty yet simple—perfect. On Valentine's Day I got to school early and stuffed the note through the little slits at the top of Tyler's locker. Only...I must have screwed up and counted wrong because between 2nd and 3rd period a boy named Matthew Hepburn ran up to me and said, "I got your note...I think you're really cute, too!" Matthew is nice but not my type. It took me a month to get him off my case and I never even told Tyler the truth! 

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by GL | 2/13/2020