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Stress sweat is a's how to handle it

Have you ever noticed how right before a big test your palms get sweaty? Or how when you *finally* work up the nerve to ask your crush to Homecoming, your pits get a little damp? Yuck.

It's a phenomenon known as stress sweat and while it may not be pretty, it's totally normal. Our bodies have two different types of sweat glands (apocrine and eccrine) and when we are in a sticky sitch, we get, well, sticky. That's because our apocrine glands naturally produce more sweat in the moment and, because of an increased heart rate and rush of adrenaline, our eccrine glands do, too.

And since stress sweat mostly comes from the apocrine glands, it often has a significant smell (hello, B.O.). Fortunately there are ways to fight the funk, even if you're a serious sweater. Swipe on maximum strength deodorant and wear clothes made from breathable fabrics like cotton. Keep in mind that caffeine can also increase your chance of those embarrassing underarm spots so step away from that third cup of coffee.  

P.S.: As if you need another reason to drink more water...if you're dehydrated, your bod sweats more to regulate your inner temp so always carry a water bottle with you and drink up! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 9/10/2017
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