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How to love your body in a bathing suit this summer


Bathing suit shopping can be stressful, to say the least. It takes forever to find a suit you like that fits well, and it can leave you feeling defeated within an hour. You're not the only one going through itswimsuit shopping is stressful for a lot of people. The problem: trying on things we don't like, or things we know won't fit. Even if it's the most beautiful swimsuit in the world, trying on a size too big or too small won't make you feel good. With these tips, you'll actually be looking forward to your next bathing suit shopping trip!

Get something you're comfortable in.
You found the cutest suit at the mall and you're dead-set on buying ituntil you try it on, that is. It's a little itchy and you don't love the fit but you're tired of shopping and just want to go home. While it's tempting to buy it just to bring your shopping trip to an end, you'll never be fully satisfied with your beach look. Get something you feel great ineven if it's your suit from last year. You'll have *way* more fun when you're not worrying about your new piece riding up.

Choose a cute color.
Let's face it: The days we wear our favorite colors are the best days. There's no science behind it, but it proves to be true time and time again. Sure, you had a red swimsuit last year and the year before, but that doesn't mean you can't rock a red bikini *this* year. Don't feel pressured to keep up with the trendsget what you like, and don't worry about what everyone else thinks.

Try it on.
If you need your suit to have the perfect fit, don't buy it online! It may seem like a time saver, until you have to return it. Swimsuits generally have to be tried on, so try not to shop online unless you know the exact size you need. Besides, sending your besties dressing room pics of your options makes everything seem a little bit clearer.

Sport a cover-up.
While cover-ups aren't essential, they make swimsuits a little more fun. It's totally normal to love your bod on the beach but wish you had a change of clothes for dinner. Cover-ups can complete your beach look and turn into your shopping look if need be. You can also use a pretty sundress (or t-shirt dress) for a versatile cover-up you may have in your closet!

Have fun.
Shopping can be fun if you let it! It's okay if you're a size up from last yearyou're still growing, and that's healthy. Don't worry about the small sizes or expensive suits your friends are picking outfocus on you. After all, *every* body is a bikini body.

Have you gone swimsuit shopping this year? Let us know your best tips in the comments!

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by Julia Bonney | 5/14/2017