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10 boob Qs you're too embarrassed to ask



Have questions you need to get off your, uh, chest? You’re not alone! Girls everywhere are baffled by their breasts. And whether you’re wondering if yours will ever grow or if they’ll ever stop growing, we’ve reached out to experts to get the full scoop on your boobs. Here’s what’s normal—and what’s not—about your girls.

My nipples don’t stick out
Between 2 and 10 percent of women have flat or inverted nipples that retract into their breasts instead of pointing out. In some cases, they can pop out temporarily, while some hide out full-time. For many people, the nipples will work themselves out during puberty. And even if that doesn’t happen—no worries! Just like having an innie belly button, innie nipples are perfectly healthy.

I have huge stretch marks on my boobs
Stretch marks are a super-common side effect of a breast growth spurt. Try not to freak, because they’ll lighten up as you get older. “When you get them at first you say ‘Oh my God, I’m marked for life!’ but over time they really fade a lot,” says Dr. Kathy McCoy, author of The Teenage Body Book.

My boobs change sizes every day
Breasts often swell when Aunt Flo is in town, and shrink back down when she’s gone. But it’s possible your body image may be at play here, too. The way you see your body can change every day (or hour, or minute, or second!), so it might explain why your twins are constantly changing in your eyes. Plus, the type of shirt or bra you’re wearing can have a huge impact on how busty you look.

Mine are pointy
Pointy boobs and nipples are a normal stage in your development. Early on in your breast growth, the nipple and areola (the circle of skin around the nipple) poof out from the breasts. “It’s not until later on that the breasts really get rounded and fill out,” said Dr. McCoy. And even if they stay pointy for life, that’s cool too. Perfectly round breasts may be all over TV, but they are rarely found in nature, if ya know what we’re sayin’.
My nipples are gigantic
There’s no normal size for your nipples or areola—so love the ones you’ve got! If you’re self-conscious when they show through your t-shirt or bathing suit, a little extra padding or a harder-cupped bra should do the trick.
My breasts are far apart
Widely separated breasts are just another normal part of your growth. “They do tend to fill out and get closer together as they become more developed,” said Dr. McCoy. Can’t wait that long? A good push-up bra can create cleavage.
My nipples itch
It’s normal to have some itch or discomfort as your breasts grow and the skin on your nipples stretches. But if it’s not going away, it may be an allergy to something, like your detergent. A doc can help you find out for sure.

My girls are different sizes
Almost everyone has a little extra on one side or the other, and for some of us, it’s more pronounced. No worries—with some bra magic you can look perfectly symmetrical. Just take the removable padding (called a “cookie” or a “demi pad”) out of the cup on your larger breast and double up on your smaller breast. “That’s how I was able to disguise it,” said Luciani, who grew up with two very different sized boobs. “It’s normal.” 

There’s hair on my nipple
Spotting some stray hair? Nothing to worry about! "Girls who have darker or more coarse hair will often see hair growth around the areola," said Dr. Carolyn Geanacou, a family doctor in San Diego. Just remember: pluck, don’t shave. The last thing you want is boob stubble!


My boobs are really hard

The hardness or density of breasts is different for everything. "It's affected by genetics, body weight and age," said Dr. Geanacou. Since younger girls tend to have firmer, denser breasts, this is totally normal.

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by GL | 2/1/2016