How to *actually* motivate yourself to run


One of the worst parts about going for a run is preparing your mind to just do it. Just the thought of cramping up, shin splints and being totally exhausted are ways to talk yourself out of going. 

While running might not be your version of fun, it’s great for your whole body. Not only does it count as major cardio, but it works your legs and core as well. And the best part is, the benefits of running don’t just stop when you do. Scientists have discovered EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption), which means you still burn calories even after you’ve finished. How cool is that? If you are having trouble motivating yourself to lace up your sneaks, check out this list of ways to hit the ground running.

Create a running playlist
Like any workout routine, you need a playlist. Turn on your favorite jams (think: something upbeat and fast paced). Songs that motivate you to lift probably won’t also motivate you to run, so make sure to download what gets *you* moving.

Pick super-cute workout gear
If you’re seriously not feeling a run, get dressed in what you’d wear for it. Swap that old tee and sweats for a chic sports bra and patterned leggings. Dressing the part will make you feel like you can do anything.

Schedule a time to do it
Pencil your run in your planner (or add it to your iCal) like you would anything else. By knowing you have an appointment with yourself and your tennis shoes, you’ll feel obligated to do it. You wouldn’t cancel a coffee sesh with your BFF so don’t cancel a run with yourself.

Create check points for yourself
You might be dreading the run because *ugh* three miles just drags on and on. To make it more manageable and less overwhelming, break it up. Tell yourself that halfway through you’ll stop, sip some water and stretch. Giving yourself something to look forward to helps.

Change it up
Running the same route over and over gets boring and can burn you out fast. Run for distance one day, for time the next, and maybe for a change of scenery the next day. If you aren't training for a race or certain event, don't feel like you have to stick to a set distance or pace every day. Keep it fun and new.

Jot down how you feel after you run
Chances are you’re going to feel incredible after your run (hello, runner's high!). You’ll feel strong, motivated and healthy. While that rush is still in you, jot down everything you’re feeling. The next time you feel like skipping a run, read your notes. You’ll remember the exhilaration and be pumped to go again.

How do you pump yourself up to head out for a run? Share your secrets below! 


by Gabby Regalbuto | 9/11/2019