Do you need a cell phone break?

We get it: you can't imagine life without your phone. Neither can we, considering all the benefits: connecting with your friends, access to instant entertainment *and* a high quality camera so you can share every moment. But there are a number of drawbacks to using too much tech—overuse can interrupt your sleep habits, mess with your concentration, etc. The best way to deal? Limit your screen time. Below are some easy ways to spend less time on your phone, and more time being present.

Time Limits Are Your Friends
If you find yourself endlessly scrolling through Insta for a few minutes, only to find out it's been an hour, you could benefit from setting limits on how much time you use Insta (& other apps) per day. Instagram wants to help you with this—under the 'Your Activity' section of the settings is a place where you can set a maximum daily time, from five minutes to twelve hours, that you want to use Instagram. The app will send you a reminder once you've reached your limit. The same feature can be found on Facebook and Youtube, helping you avoid mindless scrolling and giving you more time to do something fun (like one of GL's awesome DIY's).

Schedule In Non-Screen Activities
One of the best ways to get your mind off all the texts, snaps and memes you're missing is to fill non-phone time with fun activities. From simple things like hikes and visits to the library, to more exciting ventures. (When's the last time you played laser tag?) No matter what you choose to do during your screen-free time, the activity will help you live in the present. You'll be having so much fun, you won't miss your phone, we promise.

Challenge Yourself To Go Without Your Device
Ever get frustrated when you go out to dinner or ice cream with your besties and everyone's on their phones the whole time? Next time your crew is together, challenge each other to go without devices, even if it's just for twenty minutes. You can even turn it into a game: When you get to wherever you're going to eat, everyone puts their phones in the center of the table. The first one to grab her phone because she can't live without it pays the entire bill! We bet you won't crack first, right?

Of course, phones are not entirely bad. It's great that we can connect, stay current, and learn through modern tech. But setting limits will keep your wellness in balance, and give you the opportunity to be more present in your life.

How do you keep from spending too much time on your phone? Let us know in the comments below!


by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/26/2019