5 cute ways to deck the walls

Redecorating your room is super pricey, and you just don’t have the cash! Rather than buying a new desk or plush pillow, we have a cheap way for you to give your room a new 'do: Work the walls! Enhance those boring, pastel-colored walls with these five fresh ideas.

Pile Up Pics

Before you start your spring scrapbook, consider using those pics for something else—wall decor. Gather up your fave photos of friends and family and paste them all over your wall. Try limiting the posting to one wall, so you can use the others’ for different decorations! And don’t just choose any wall—consider piling the pics over your bed. Before you go to sleep, you can look up at your friends and family, and think of all the fun memories you’ve had together! The fun doesn’t have to stop there—we also suggest using pretty cutouts from nature magazines. These pics are super soothing and will def help you fill in the empty spaces on your wall of pics.

Music Madness

Who doesn’t heart music? We know we do! So, if you feel the same way, show your pride with some awesome music-lover wall additions. Pick your fave musicians and print out their posters. Paste them all over your walls. You can never have too much inspiration. Try sticking small music notes or cute studs around the edges of your posters. With interesting frames, your posters will def stand out in the music loving crowd. Posters aren’t enough for you? Go all out with some CD and record decor. Punch small holes through the tops and bottoms of your CDs, tie them to strings and hang them from your ceiling. Use some old records to border your walls. Can you say edgy?


Want some real inspiration in the morning? Try waking up to your fave quote. Paint one simple quote that you heart on your wall, but make sure it’s one that you won’t get sick of! Try something like, “Nothing is impossible, the world itself say ‘I’m possible’!” (the great Audrey Hepburn, natch). We think decorating your room with something that brightens your day is def the way to go. Just make sure you paint it on in your neatest handwriting.

Chalkboard Wall

So you’re not the decorating type. That’s okay, let your BFFs do it for you! Rather than designing your room to have a friendly vibe, let the real friends handle the job. Try painting one wall with chalkboard paint. You can buy it anywhere and it’s so easy to apply! Once you have done this, invite your gal pals over and have them write notes or draw pics all over the wall in chalk. If your besties mess up, they can always erase it and start over! They’ll heart sleeping over and reading what they wrote weeks before. So fun!

Light Up The Night

Rather than putting something on your wall that you’ll get sick of, try something timeless. Because it gets dark every single night, we know that lights never get old! Keep your room warm and bright, even during those cold winters with some string lights. Hang them all over your room for a super festive vibe!


by Yael Frischling | 2/1/2016