Level up your hot cocoa game with these sweet additions

We can’t imagine a winter without hot cocoa. No other drink feels as festive and fun, especially during sweater szn. But there’s more to making the perfect cup of cocoa than simply mixing powder and water. If you’re looking for a beverage worthy of the most wonderful time of the year, you’ve got to level up your hot cocoa game. From special marshmallows to yummy cereal straws, here are 5 cute additions that will take your hot cocoa from good to great.

Fancy marshmallows

Image: Instagram/@fashionablykay

Marshmallows are a must-have in any cocoa mug. Shake it up by adding Peeps marshmallows that are shaped like adorable snowmen similar to the pic above. You can also find specialized marshmallow Christmas trees from XO Marshmallow in Chicago, a small biz dedicated to making the prettiest marshmallows around. These treats are so cute, you almost don’t want them to melt!

Flavored whipped cream

Image: Instagram/@yasminnnie

Peppermint, mocha and so much more… If you can dream up a whipped cream flavor, it’s probably out there. Not only does the fluffy swirl look good in pics, but it also adds a new flavor to the cocoa as it dissolves. There are even some whipped cream varieties that come in pink or green for *extra* festive flair.

Cookie straws

Image: Instagram/@kristinahunter_

Good for the environment and for your tastebuds? Yes, please! We can’t get enough of these crunchy, chocolatey edible straws. The taste is similar to an ice cream cone, while the frosting-like coating keeps the straw from leaking and dissolving while you drink. Make your own cookie straws with this recipe, or find a premade cookie straw at Starbucks.

Hot cocoa bombs

Image: Instagram/@bakeddessertbar

Instead of pouring in a packet of cocoa mix, make hot chocolate the cool way with hot cocoa bombs. It’s not quite an addition so much as it is the drink itself, but using one really elevates your drink. All you have to do is drop one into your mug and pour hot water or milk over it. Then, watch as the chocolatey shell opens up and your cocoa *magically* appears.

Edible glitter

Image: Instagram/@theglitterdiaries

The final addition you can use to improve your hot cocoa game is edible glitter sprinkles. They’re just like regular sprinkles, but sparkly. Edible glitter adds an elegant shimmer to your drink, with just the right amount of extra sweetness. Find some in the baking aisle of your local grocery store, or order them online.

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Title image: Instagram/@fashionablykay


by Bailey Bujnosek | 1/9/2021