You *have* to try this new taco trend


The end of August is here. Hi, summer. It’s us. Can you come back?

As the fall approaches and the weather is just a *little* bit breezy, you might be totally indifferent about what to eat. You’re in the mood for something healthy but are you craving hot or cold? Why decide between the two?

Tacos with a twist are a healthy and delish way to dine in and eat between the two seasons. So, what’s the twist, you ask? Lettuce taco shells! You’re probably thinking we’re totally ruining tacos but hear us out... 

If you were to consider the amount of grain you ate throughout the week, you may begin to realize how much you’re actually consuming. For breakfast maybe you have some toast, for lunch you have a sandwich and for dinner, well, there’s nothing more *amaze* than a hot dinner roll with a ton of butter. While it’s totally okay to eat bread (seriously, we heart carbs), it's fun to mix it up sometimes and double up on veggies sometimes. 

Tacos are the perfect dinner dish between summer and fall and if you’re going to eat them you sure can’t just have one. By substituting taco shells for lettuce tacos, you’re able to enjoy the meat, cheese and sour cream with an extra kick of good-for-you vegetables. If you’re *really* feeling the wellness way, sub out ground beef for ground turkey. Definitely don’t forget the guac, though!

What are your fave taco toppings? Share below!

by Gabby Regalbuto | 8/29/2017
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