Be mine? The *sweetest* ways to use conversation hearts

Conversation hearts are *essential* when it comes to celebrating Valentine's Day. Whether you get 'em for your friends, your fam or your bae, these little candies are an adorable way to shows your loved ones you're thinking of them. We've rounded up some creative ways to use conversation hearts in *every* dessert...because sometimes sweet treats speak a thousand words.

Conversation Heart Pinata Cake
This adorable cake is a perfect DIY gift for your Valentine. Give your sweetie a colorful surprise with this recipe.

Conversation Heart Bark
Chocolate bark is *so* yummy, and this festive recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The candy hearts are the perfect addition to this smooth, creamy treat

Valentine's Day Puppy Chow
Your V-Day party guests will love this easy-to-make snack. Check out the 15 minute recipe here

Funfetti Conversation Heart Rice Krispies 
This classic treat just got *way* more festive. Click here for a gluten-free snack everyone will enjoy.

Crushed Conversation Heart Cookie Pop 
Stick these on your Valentines instead of store bought candy to give a little extra love this year. You could even make a bouquet of these yummy treats

What's your go-to Valentine's Day candy? Share with us in the comments! 

by Julia Bonney | 1/29/2017