Lemon parties are in—here's how to throw one

Picking a party theme can be hard. You want something trendy, fun and easy to find decor for, but at the same time, you want to avoid tacky at all costs. That's where the lemon-themed party comes in. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, graduation or just looking for an excuse to host a cute event, lemon parties can be fancy or fun (or a perfect mixture of the two). We'll walk you through everything you need to throw the most lovely lemon party of the season!

1. The invites

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Getting the word out is step number one, obvi. Invites also dictate the overall ~vibe~ of your event, so there are a lot of paths you could take. A DIY invite made using colored cardstock, washi tape and brush pens might suggest a laid-back, close-friends-only gathering. A hot-pink, neon orange and yellow invite tells your guests to bring their dancing shoes and most glam outfits. Finally, a blue, green and yellow invite with lemons and florals (like the example above) signals fancier outfits and a more upscale or formal atmosphere. You could also design your invite completely from scratch to curate the mood of your choice. Sure, you're probably not planning a bridal shower, but many websites allow you to customize the invitation to fit your unique event.

2. The decor

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The most important element of the decor for your party is, ofc, lemons. Incorporate them in any way you can. A bowl of bright lemons on the table or pretty paper lemon garlands make cute touches. You can also stay on theme by sourcing lots of yellow decor, like tablecloths, flowers and balloons. A big component of the lemon party is keeping things light, bright and refreshing—like an ice-cold glass of lemonade. 

3. The outfit

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What you wear depends on the vibe of your event, but there are a few ways to stay on theme with your outfit. The most obvious, of course, would be a dress or top with a lemon print, but there are other ways to match the lemon theme. Consider patterns like toile, gingham or vertical stripes. Extra points if you can find them in baby blue, a color that perfectly compliments lemon yellow. White, green and navy can look fabulous, too.

4. The food


We're definitely taking a literal approach when it comes to lemon-themed food. Lemonade is a must on the beverage side of things, for starters, although lemon soda or lemon sparkling water can be pretty tasty, too. If you're in need of a savory entree, this lemon pasta recipe checks *all* the boxes on flavor. Save room for dessert, though, because the options sound divine. Lemon bars, lemon cake or lemon sorbet—take your pick or have one of each!

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by Riley Yates | 5/11/2023