How to host a BFF clothing swap

It's that dreaded, in-between season in stores—the winter clothes are all already picked over, and we're stuck waiting for fun, new spring arrivals. Now is the perfect time to host a free and eco-friendly clothing swap with your besties!

What is a clothing swap?

Now, you may be wondering: What exactly is a clothing swap? Basically shopping from your besties' closets! You and your friends all bring clothes that you currently don't wear. Then, you get to "shop" and choose new items to add to your wardrobe. It's free *and* you're shopping second-hand—great for your bank account and the environment. 

Time to start planning

Who are you going to invite? It's important to have a diverse group of girls in attendance so you're getting a unique clothing assortment (Think: a friend from band, a girl from the soccer team, your childhood bestie and your next-door neighbor). 

Next, decide how many items each girl will bring and take home. We suggest starting with five (but this is ultimately up to your personal preferences). There are a number of ways to decide who receives which item. You can put all your names into a randomizer website, draw names from a hat or play rock paper scissors to determine who goes first. 

Also, make sure you have designated, private try-on spaces so everyone feels comfortable and confident during the swap!

Prep your snacks

No party is complete without yummy snacks. Plus, shopping is cardio! You can either pick up your squad's fave chips, popcorn and candy at the grocery store... or you can get extra creative. These pizza cupcakes are super easy (you can add any toppings!). For a sweet treat, bake these chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Get the vibes right

What's a bestie hangout without the perfect accompanying soundtrack? You're def going to want to have music while you're looking through all the clothes and waiting for everyone to finish getting changed. You could make a special collab playlist just for the event and have each of your friends add some of their fave songs. You can also search for a pump-up playlist on Spotify that matches the vibes you're looking for. 

DIY tote bag party favors


Making DIY tote bags with your group is an easy way to bond, show off your creativity and carry all your new finds home! Just order plain canvas bags and a colorful pack of fabric markers to set up your craft station. Then, everyone can get to planning their one-of-a-kind designs. We are *totes* obsessed!

It's not complete without a fashion show

You've gone through all the clothing and picked your it's time to show off your new look. Once everyone tries on their cute new fits, it's time to strut your stuff! Choose a designated place for your fashion show—whether it's your bedroom, the living room or the backyard. Turn up the volume, and get ready to take plenty of pics to make sure each gal gets her runway moment! 

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by Natalie Misyak and Maddy Phillips | 2/25/2023