Did someone say pizza party? Yes, we did...


Everyone loves pizza parties, but having them again and again and again can get a little old. Instead of planning your night with the same "just cheese, please" order and the same few movies, try one of these fun twists to the classic. You won't have to give up your tried-and-true pastime, but you'll add a new element to Friday night by shaking it up a bit.

Turn it into a pizza-making party.
There are many pros to a DIY pizza party. Aside from being a major money-saver, making your own dinner is a fun way to engage with your friends and show off your culinary talent. Have everyone bring their favorite pizza toppings, and be creative about it! Check out this tutorial on making a heart-shaped pizza.  

Make dessert pizza.
It isn't a party unless there's delicious dessert, and dessert pizza is a perfect way to satisfy your guests and keep the theme. Have a vote on which recipe looks the tastiest, and invite your girls to help you create your masterpiece. Trust us: You won't regret trying one of these recipes.

Whip up some pizza-themed crafts.
Arts and crafts liven up any party, and pizza-themed crafts can double as decorations for your next shindig! Check out this adorable DIY pizza garland. It's so cute, and you can explore different colors and materials to make it your own. 

Create a pizza salon.
This may sound icky, but don't fear. Set up a salon for you and your friends to create pizza-themed manicures. Whether you create your own or follow a step-by-step DIY, pizza manicures are essential to taking your pizza party to the next level.

Have a movie contest.
Pull out your camera phone and make some home movies featuring your pizza creations! Get creative with costumes and lighting, and have a parent or sibling judge the films for you. May the winner gets the last slice... 

Have you ever had a pizza party? Which of these activities are you incorporating in your next party? Let us know in the comments! 


by Julia Bonney | 4/20/2017