GL x ModCloth: What's your #FashionTruth?



Here at GL, we are all about fashion (obvi). But as much as we love checking out the newest spring prints or embellished short shorts, we love the *idea* behind fashion even more. So when we had the chance to partner with ModCloth for their #FashionTruth campaign, we were totally thrilled. 

Why #FashionTruth? In the fashion industry, it's pretty easy to get swept up in the idea that you need to be a certain body type in order to be considered beautiful or rock the latest trends. ModCloth decided that they weren't okay with that, so they came up with a solution: a totally amazing campaign that celebrates women of all body types and backgrounds. They started asking people what their own #FashionTruth was—and got some pretty surprising answers. Turns out, you don't have to look like a supermodel to feel fabulous. And with ModCloth's amazing array of clothing for all shapes and sizes, it's pretty easy to look fabulous, too. 

To celebrate this campaign, the GL staff was invited to have our own #FashionTruth photoshoot. We were pretty excited (okay, really excited) to get all dressed up in some gorgeous ModCloth duds, but we also got to have some much-needed conversations about what fashion really means to us. Check out our thoughts (and ah-mazing outfits!) below: 


Laurise (right), social media editor: "For the longest time, I was falling into the trap of letting other people's reactions influence my outfit choices—you know, 'Will she be impressed with my shoes? Will this guy like this dress?' When I learned to dress for myself, I became comfortable and confident on a whole other level. Now, I just wear what makes me feel good." 

Sam (left), contributor: "Yeah, I think of clothing like a confidence booster. I wear what makes me feel great and I love trying on different styles. It's amazing to wake up every morning and just be completely different. There are no rules—that's what's so cool."


Chelsea, senior intern: "There are some days where, no matter what my hair might be doing or whether I had time to put makeup on, I just feel cute. And that's more important than whether my face or hair or outfit actually looks good, because when I feel cute, I am cute. That's really all there is to it."


Kim, advertising and marketing assistant: "For me, it's all about comfort. I totally love heels and form-flattering tight skirts, but if I can't dance or bend over or run to catch my bus in it, what's the point? I live my life in my clothes, not for my clothes."


Kelsey (right), senior editor: “I’ve always loved the instant gratification of really great fashion—the way a pair of cute shoes or the perfect dress can immediately make you feel amazing (and confident or professional or playful—however it is you want to look and feel). You’re sending a message not just to everyone else, but yourself—this is who I am today."



Jossie, online editor: "I like to have fun with what I wear and always get inspired by what’s hanging in my closet. I'm all about wearing what makes me feel good and I have a lot of respect for anyone who can walk out the door fully confident in what they have on regardless of what others may think or say. " 

Credits: On Laurise, Sing Me To Sweet Dress, Playground of Applause Coat and I Like How You Lean boots by Dr. Marten. On Sam, By the Light of the Fireside top in Burgundy, Campaign Trip Dress and Maximum Heel. On Chelsea, Dote Worry About It Dress in Wine, Know a Trick or Two Tights, Standout Steps Bootie and Leafing Town necklace in Silver. On Kim, Flow Freely Dress and There's A Map for That necklade in Gold. On Kelsey, Mist-ery Guest Dress, Need I Say Moor? Jacket, All Eyes on You Bracelet and All Around Style Bootie. On Karen, Delight To Be Seen Dress, Cozy For Yourself Scarf, Full Course Load Bag in Chocolate and Swish Way to the Stage Bootie. On Jossie, Let's Get Whimsical Dress, Front Page Photo Jacket, Sangria Celebrate Bootie

A million thanks to ModCloth for this amazing opportunity! And what do you think, GL girls? What's your #fashiontruth? 


by GL | 2/1/2016