Exactly what you need to look amazing in your bikini

Showing up in style to the beach or pool this summer is a no-brainer with our 20 awesome accessories practically made to be worn with your bikini. Need something to pull back your hair or brighten up your outfit? We got it all right here!
  • 1headband.jpg
    Rad in red

    Pull your beachy waves back with this coral-red beaded headband—with gold accents, you’ll be the new girl on fire!

    With Love From CA Macrame Beaded Headband, $12,

  • 2shades.jpg

    Seriously sweet shades

    These neon blue shades are the perfect summer hue. We heart how they give a black swimsuit some serious bold color!
    F6854 Round Sunglasses, $6,
  • 3watch.jpg

    What time is it?

    It’s time to get this neon green watch! Bring it to the beach and you won’t have to worry about getting your phone all sandy.

    Brenda's Women 1616-limegreen "Elizabeth" Petite Rhinestone Encrusted Watch, $32,
  • 4ring.jpg

    What’s your sign?

    This chic zodiac ring is unique to you—which is rad. Plus, a flash of gold on your digits makes your mani—and your tan—look even more amazing.

    Zodiac Ring-Pisces, $28,

  • 5bangles.jpg

    Coral cutie

    Perfect summer colors, these coral and gold bangles will pop with your pretty bikini. Add ‘em to your wrist and tie on a few BFF bracelets from camp.

    Assorted Slim Bangle Set, $9,

  • 6hat.jpg
    Hat hautie
    Keep the sun outta your eyes with this simple floppy hat. Pair with bold earrings or a bright suit, and tie a silk scarf around the brim for an extra pop.
    Cheap Monday Floppy Straw Hat, $30,
  • 7hairpins.jpg
    Purple pizazz
    Hold your bangs back with these super cute flower hair pins. Glam and girly, these will kick up a simple hairstyle.


    Beaded Rosette Hair Pin, $3,
  • 8earrings.jpg

    Blue beauty

    Studs are great for the beach because you don’t have to worry about catching them in your hair. These earrings are stunning—not only do they match the ocean, but they’re a great burst of bold color and can even make your eye color pop!

    With Love From CA Expanding Earrings, $9,

  • 9headband.jpg
    Knot just another headband

    This knotted headband is great for perfecting the boho beach babe look. All ya need are waves!

    Knotted Headband, $12,

  • 10bags.jpg

    Sassy stripes

    These adorbs bags are waterproof, which means they’re perf for the beach or pool! Stash your valuables to make sure they don’t get soaked.

    Roxy Pool Side Bag, $30,
  • 11bangles.jpg

    Tribal babe

    These wooden bangles have a funky pattern that’s super chill for the beach. Channel your tribal side and pair them with a zany patterned suit.

    Angle of the Morning Brown and Gold Bangle Set, $19,

  • 12hat.jpg

    Hat hautie

    Keep the sun outta your eyes with this simple floppy hat. Pair with bold earrings or a bright suit, and tie a silk scarf around the brim for an extra pop.

    Cheap Monday Floppy Straw Hat, $30,

  • 13anklet.jpg

    Awesome anklet

    This beaded anklet is great for summertime and just a bit tribal. Show it off with a pair of major wedges.

    Beaded Ankle Bracelet, $18,
  • 14tote.jpg
    Sailor girl

    Tote around this striped beach bag—it’s totally cute and ultra classic. Bonus: It’s big enough to hold everything you’ll need!


    Beach Celeb Bag, $45,
  • 15shades.jpg

    Stylin’ shades

    These round sunnies are super trendy—and soo hot right now. Rock this vintage look with a crochet bag and a pair of wedges.


    Janis Sahdes-Black, $20,

  • 16earrings.jpg

    Get wrapped up

    These wrapped beaded hoops are totally fierce. Lovely with a messy pool-hair side braid.

    With Love From CA Fabric Bead Wrapped Hoop Earrings, $9,
  • 17bag.jpg

    Chic crochet

    This crossbody screams summer—crochet is so in right now, and it doesn’t get any better than this fringe bag!

    Beaded Crochet Crossbody, $20,
  • 18ring.jpg

    Blazin’ blue

    This blue cocktail ring adds a huge burst of color to any outfit! Channel the shining sea with this aqua hue and match with a blue two-piece.

    Large Stone Ring, $6,
  • 19rose.jpg

    Sweet seafoam

    This rose charm necklace won’t get in your way at the beach, but it is super sweet and girly. Match this with a floral cover-up or bikini for a glam girly look!

    Turquoise Rose Necklace by cynicalredhead, $14,
  • 20hair.jpg

    Wrap it up

    This hair wrap is über haute. We’re loving this new beachy look—just braid it into your hair and you’re ready to hit the sand!

    Mixed Thread Hair Wraps, $14,
  • ba.jpg

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by Sarah Oleisky | 2/1/2016