4 easy DIYs to revamp your jeans

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend clearly has never found the perfect pair of denim jeans.

Every girl has her favorite pair—the pair that's soft and frayed in all the right places, chic but comfy and able to be worn with everything from tennis shoes and a track jacket to your fancy flats and a blazer. But hey, it's fun to mix it up! Here are our favorite tricks for funkifying (that's a word, right?) your jeans! 


You don't even need an embroidery machine to try this, because it's all by hand. And psst, you can embroider over a stain or spot—so it's functional *and* cute. To transfer the pattern onto the denim you need either carbon transfer paper, tracing paper or a water-soluble stabilizer. Don't worry, though. The results are *so* worth it.  

Paint it up

Show off your inner Van Gogh with this *awesome* DIY, using acrylic paint, textile medium, chalk and masking tape! Plus, this DIY will never fade—the instructions include a way to make sure your masterpiece won't crack, even when it goes through the wash. 

Iron-on patches


Seriously the *easiest* trick ever. There's no secret to this DIY—it's all up to you! What kind of patches to use and where to group them are totally your call. We usually have the best luck finding patches at thrift shops and garage sales. 

Dye 'em

OK, so it's not summer yet. Still, you can channel sunny day vibes with this sunshiny DIY. Plus, you have a ready-to-go hippie costume for Halloween (just add a flower crown). Make sure to wear plastic gloves while you're making these. Otherwise, your hands might end up tie-dyed, too!

What technique is your fave? Tag us in your jean DIYs on Insta @girlslifemag!


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by Elina Graham | 4/6/2021