This mason jar makeup organizer is seriously *so* cute


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Whether you own hundreds of makeup products or just a few, having a stylish and practical way to organize them is key. When I was on the hunt for a new make-up organizer, I turned to Pinterest for inspo (ofc!). The mason jar organizer pictured above immediately caught my eye, and I decided I was going to try to make one for myself.

Mason jars are definitely one of the most versatile objects that exist—storing food, sipping beverages, displaying flowers, making candles and holding lightbulbs are just a few of the creative things people have used them for. The organizer pictured above is available for sale on Etsy, but you can turn it into a super fun project by making your own and adding your own personality to it! And if makeup isn't your thing, use it to store other items like toothbrushes, hairbrushes, pencils, pens or even silverware. Let's get to crafting.

First, decide what shape and size you want you want your makeup organizer to take. Think about which products you want to use it for, and where you might want to keep it. If you're not really vibing with the mason-jar-in-box idea, you can always leave the jars free, tie them together with twine or ribbon, or even mount them to a plank like in this tutorial.

Next, collect your supplies—you need mason jars (obviously), a wooden box and decorating supplies. Then, start decorating! Get as creative with the jars as you wish—paint them, add glitter or stickers, draw on designs and pretty cursive, tie some classy ribbons around them, etc. Here's some decorating inspo if you get stuck:

image: @the_belle_collectionldn

images: @deco__world

Next, you can decorate the box—just like with the jars, you can paint, draw, add glitter, write some pretty cursive words or just leave it plain if you think the jars speak for themselves. Now all you have to do is put the jars inside the box (or however you're choosing to store them). You can glue them down with hot glue or another strong adhesive for structure, or you can leave them free for flexibility. This project is whatever you make it.

That's it! Happy crafting and I hope you enjoy your new organizer.

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by Maya Valmon | 1/13/2021