Yes, slime is still a thing! Here are *all* the brands you need to shop

We all remember the random day that everyone woke up and was suddenly obsessed with slime, right?! Well, it's a *super* popular industry that a lot of teen boss babes have capitalized on to create and sell unique slimes. Even Charli D'Amelio loves slime, which is how you know it's still cool! If you are anything like me and have been bored during an online class wishing for something to do with your hands, you should check out some of these sites and pick up some slime. After all, slime is pretty, smells great and is fun to play with: What more could you ask for? 

Sloomoo Slimes 

These slimes have Queen Charli's official seal of approval, and the website is filled with countless options of all different textures and scents! There is even an aromatherapy collection that features slimes infused with lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus and spearmint to help you relax after a long day. Sloomoo even opened the first-ever slime museum in New York in 2019, so you can live out all your slime-inspired Insta photoshoot dreams. Shop Sloomoo Slimes here. 


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Snoop Slimes  

Snoop Slimes has become super popular on TikTok, and the only thing cooler than their products is the fact that the CEO is just 16 years old! Jay Kang started her business back in 2017 and has become known in the slime community for the amazing scents and fun charms that she adds to her slimes. She also has developed several "DIY" slime kits that change its texture the more you play with it, making these a super fun way to spend your free time. Shop Snoop Slimes here.   

Dope Slimes 

In addition to a full range of slimes in all different textures, Dope Slimes' website includes a feature where customers can create their very own slime and pick out whatever color, scent and "toppings" they want. You can also buy putty on their site if that is more appealing to you, and the insane number of available options makes this shop a must-try. Shop Dope Slimes Here.


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Kawaii Slime Company 

This website has you covered with the best festive seasonal slimes. They go all-out with their packaging and decorations, which makes your order even more fun to unbox! You can also buy cute merch like hoodies and stickers with the company's logo on them. With tons of themed slimes from Cotton Candy to Italian Posta (yes, you read that right!), you will definitely be able to find the perfect slime for you. Shop Kawaii Slime Company here. 

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by Lexi Casazza | 10/29/2020